Investment Focus
Braveship Ventures manages a transmedia fund that finances films (equity and P&A) and video games (development and marketing) based on bestselling books in the action, thriller, adventure, and sci-fi genres. Intellectual properties are sourced from our affiliated book publisher, Braveship Books, and our network of literary agencies and other publishers. Video games are developed primarily for PC, console, and/or VR platforms by our affiliated game developer, Braveship Interactive, and/or other video game developers in our network. Project selection is guided by a combination of book sales figures, bestseller lists, translatability to film and video game media, co-financing opportunities, and unique data-driven science used to evaluate projects.
Creating a franchise
Transmedia interplay—that is, interactivity between films and video games—is a key characteristic of our productions, and part of our strategy for building successful franchises. Imagine, for example, discovering a hidden code within a movie. Enter that code into the video game, and you unlock special content: a weapons upgrade, a secret corridor, or a new ability. We believe interplay can impress fans, generate larger audiences, and drive cross-promotion. For deeper insights into the fund's investment strategy, please contact us.
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